Sure, board games are fun. Video games today are so life-like, you feel like you’re there. And Virtual Reality is the future. Wanna know what is the cutting edge, here and now? Escape Rooms. Real life, interactive entertainment that puts you in the middle of the mystery and action! You can experience this “next evolution of entertainment” right here in the heart of Johnson County at The Gr8 Escape, located in Joshua, Texas. The Gr8 Escape (“great escape”) is a new Escape Room venue that holds an interactive set of Challenges, perfect for all ages. It allows you and a group of friends or co-workers to test your mental-moxy in a series of observational, logical, and investigational puzzles. Intrigued? You know you are! Keep reading, Sherlock. This place is cool!


Opened early this summer, The Gr8 Escape was the brain-child of Rick & Janice Norton. After discovering the new entertainment experience sweeping the nation known as “Escape Rooms”, the Nortons felt that this area needed something that could, at the time, only be found in Dallas or Ft. Worth. They were determined to open a similar venue in their community, thus giving folks something unique to experience, close to home. So, what is an Escape Room? It’s not a “panic room” or tornado shelter. Instead, it is a room or series of rooms in which a group of participants is placed. This group is tasked with finding clues, solving puzzles, or performing tasks, all to achieve the ultimate goal of escaping a locked room. No, they don’t actually lock you in a room (that’s not safe), but there is a locked door through which you must escape in order to be successful. While this is a surprisingly simple premise, it is a quite difficult task. And fun. Oh, my…do I mean FUN!! This type of “induced anxiety” entertainment has been around in one form or another via movies and haunted houses for years. The difference is that now YOU not only get to be a part of the experience, but you CONTROL the outcome! This type of experience is completely unique to Escape Rooms, and not found in any other type of group activity.

The Gr8 Escape currently houses two “Challenges” (as they’re called). “The Formula” and “The Harvest”. A third Challenge, “Titanic X” is slated to begin production late Fall. Each Challenge offers the players 60 full minutes to make their escape attempt. No more, no less. You do get some clues to help you, but your wits are your best asset. These Challenges can be attempted by all ages and physical abilities, and the only limiting factor is when you can get in. In fact, The Gr8 Escape prides itself on their accessibility for disabled players. The Norton’s son, Trey, has Cerebral Palsy, and was a big motivating factor in choosing this particular type of business. The experiences are affordable, and the rooms can accommodate as many as 8 people at a time. Feel free to call with custom requests, however. The Gr8 Escape is open 7 days per week, closing only for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. This is the perfect outing for birthday parties, office outings, Girl’s night out, youth groups, fundraisers, etc. October is the perfect month to give them a call, as they have a new special pricing promotion going on. They are relatively new to the community, and their calendar is open right now… However, once word gets out, spots will be filling up fast. Book yours today!


The Gr8 Escape
605 N. Broadway St.
Joshua, TX 76058