We asked for your favorites when it comes to Local health services here in Burleson, Joshua and Crowley.

You voted and told us. Here are the top nomination recipients and some Local Life favorites.

Congratulations to the top winners in each category. The community nominates local businesses and votes for their favorites in the different categories on our website.


Favorite Family Doctor

1. Rachel Rombough-Direct Primary Care

2. Dr. Hoffman

3. Dr. Horsley


Favorite Pediatrician

1. Rachel Rombough-Direct Primary Care

2. Dr. Vert-Cook Children’s


Favorite Dentist

1. Simple Dental

2. Good Faith Dentistry

3. Alsbury Dental


Favorite Eye Care

1. Vision Plaza

2. Berry Stewart

3. Seabert Eye Care


Favorite Dermatology

1. Dr. Chaker-Southwest Dermatology

2. Belle Visage

3. Prestige Dermatology


Favorite Chiropractor

1. Trinity Chiropractic

2. Align Chiropractic


Favorite OB-GYN

1. Dr. English

2. Dr. Bowyer


Favorite Senior Care

1. Restoring Function