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Meet Rachel Rombough, a seasoned Nurse Practitioner with almost a decade of experience under her belt. After her tenure in New York, where she dedicated her skills to the underserved, she returned to Texas and identified a pressing need for a new healthcare model in her community. Rachel’s journey led her to create Direct Primary Care Burleson, a groundbreaking membership-based healthcare solution that puts patients first.

In her own words, Rachel shares, “Observing patients struggling with out-of-pocket expenses for medical visits was a turning point. The initial visit costs, coupled with lab fees and subsequent treatments, created a financial burden. As I explored alternative healthcare models, I discovered the potential of a membership-based approach to meet the needs of a wider audience.”

Direct Primary Care Burleson focuses on patients who often neglect medical care due to various reasons like costs, lack of insurance, or unpleasant past experiences. Rachel explains, “Our approach is not only cost-effective but also enables us to spend quality time with each patient. This personalized touch has resulted in positive outcomes for individuals who previously struggled to prioritize their health.”

By steering clear of the complexities of medical insurance, the clinic maintains affordable pricing without compromising on the quality of care. While traditional practices can serve over 2,000 patients per provider, Direct Primary Care aims to cap its patient count at around 500. This intentional limit not only enhances patient-provider interaction but also reduces stress on healthcare professionals, allowing them to tailor their care and prevent burnout.

A simple membership fee unlocks a range of benefits, including unlimited office visits, prompt appointments for urgent matters, direct communication with your provider, annual bloodwork, discounted procedures, after-hours care, and reduced rates for additional testing. The clinic also offers a family package, catering to both adult and pediatric care seekers at a discounted rate.

In response to community needs, Direct Primary Care Burleson has expanded its services to include allergy skin testing and immunotherapy for allergies. This new addition further demonstrates the clinic’s commitment to comprehensive and patient-centered care, addressing a common concern in the area.

Rachel proudly highlights their participation in the government vaccine program. This initiative enables them to administer childhood immunizations on-site, eliminating the need for patients to visit health departments. Additionally, Direct Primary Care collaborates with over 120 specialists for virtual consultations, saving patients time and money when specialist care is required.

Notably, the clinic offers hormone replacement therapy, a service available to both members and non-members. Recognizing the prevalence of hormone imbalances and their vague symptoms, Direct Primary Care aims to address this area comprehensively. They also work with local employers to introduce alternative healthcare options as part of employee benefits, promoting a healthier and happier workforce.

Currently staffed with three nurse practitioners accepting new patients, Direct Primary Care Burleson places great value on its unique relationship with the community. As the clinic grows, Rachel emphasizes her commitment to maintaining this special bond with Burleson. She notes, “Our members are incredibly supportive, and the strong community backing is heartwarming. Our journey is intertwined with the people we serve, and that’s an experience we cherish.”

In essence, Direct Primary Care Burleson is not just transforming healthcare, it’s nurturing a compassionate, accessible and individualized approach to well-being right at the heart of the community.

Direct Primary Care of Burleson

312 E Renfro St, Suite 105
Burleson, TX 76028