Dr. Chase Dyess

Trinity Chiropractic Of Burleson

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Trinity Chiropractic Of Burleson was started in March 2012 by Dr. Chase Dyess and has been blessed with the opportunity to serve thousands of families in the Tarrant and Johnson county area. Their mission statement is “We move the bone; God does the healing”.

At Trinity Chiropractic there are 3 core focuses:

  • Restore spinal alignment and motion to decrease your symptoms
  • Correct Your overall posture and underlining issues to prevent the problem from coming back
  • Keep you well

When you arrive at Trinity Chiropractic you will feel a warm family atmosphere. Your first visit will consist of a detailed consultation; full exam, X-rays or spinal scans, and if something is found that they can help you with, they will get you adjusted the same day!

During your second visit, the doctor will review what was found on your X-rays, the game plan, what is needed to help and get you on your way to better health with adjustments, home care exercises, corrective care equipment to get these back issues fixed once and for all.

So if you are suffering from neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, upper back pain, bad posture, shoulder pain, arm or legs pain, sciatica and these things are keeping you from reaching your goals and living your best life, reach out to us. We would love to help!

Dr. Chase Dyess, D.C.

Trinity Chiropractic of Burleson
815 SW Alsbury Blvd. , Suite 3
Burleson, TX 76028
office 817-295-1999
cell 972-839-0920