By Adrianne Argumaniz

Make 2018 YOUR year! We all want to look and feel our best, so this year’s resolution needs to be taking care of yourself. Unwrap the best version of yourself with new hairstyles, Microblading, Microneedling sessions, and Lash Lifts.

Flirty and romantic soft curls and wispy bangs will dominate 2018. Perms with large rollers and brushed-out curls are making their way into this fashion season. Curls inspired by Dirty Dancing are sure to keep Baby out of the corner while sleek and sectioned ponytails held by Scrunchies will keep you trendy, yet versatile in a busy lifestyle. Gold barrettes and barrettes with pearls are this year’s hottest accessories, and pulling back one side or two gives a versatile look to those romantic bangs. One-length bobs are stealing the show in 2018.

Sleek lines and loose textures allow you to jump out of bed feeling and looking like a model. Microblading, Microneedling and Lash lifts offer a breath of fresh air to a busy lifestyle. Give your brows the fullness of a runway model, your skin the pep talk it needs in a busy world, and your lashes the Kim Kardashian boost that will have you looking like you drank from the Fountain of Youth.

Microblading still marquees as the hottest service available at The Ritz. Gorgeous, full brows make quite the statement and erase years off the face. Whether you have agonized over alopecia areata, underwent chemo, suffered through thyroid complications, or endured overactive hormones, Microblading can give you that game-changing look you’ve missed. If great brows adorn your face but they need shape and fill, Microblading is your jam. When you look for someone to Microblade, find someone who is certified and experienced. This is your face! Of all the sets I’ve performed, the general consensus is that Microblading is the best service they’ve ever had done. Game changer, life maker.

Microneedling is taking spa services by storm and should be a part of your 2018 New Year’s resolutions. Take your face to the gym by experiencing Microneedling. The results are remarkable! This hottest skin-care trend eliminates wrinkles and restores that youthful glow by working out your skin just as you would work out your body. When you work out, you are breaking down your muscle to rebuild a thinner, more youthful body, just as Microneedling produces a leaner, stronger face that improves texture and firmness. One Microneedling session is worth eight weeks of working out. Even though each case is different, the results can be dramatic based on clients and their expectations. In one to three sessions Microneedling naturally encourages your body to rebuild collagen and elastin, smooth deep, stubborn wrinkles, repair scar tissue, remove age spots, and redefine skin texture without chemicals.
Boost that sexy look with Lash Lift, a perm for your eye lashes. No more curlers that offer only a brief fix. Lash lift instantly curls and tints those stubborn lashes for 8-10 weeks. Wake up every day with longer, luscious lashes that will complement that youthful skin and hot new brows.

While you enjoy watching Fashion Week, the models and runway artists, I offer this one piece of advice: no matter what anyone else thinks or does, you will always look and feel your best when YOU like it. Do your own thing, be yourself, and look your best. Give the best version of yourself to others. Peace, fashion, and a youthful look be with you in 2018.