Old Texas Brewing Company has the trifecta of a great venue: good food, cold drinks and the best local live music. If you are anywhere near Old Town on a weekend, their popularity is obvious. On a pretty day, you will see people enjoying a drink on the patio and the doors of the bar wide open. On Thursday-Saturday you will hear bands coming from the Sky Bar. Families join for meals, particularly on Kids Eat Free nights on Monday, because of the diverse menu that has something even the pickiest eaters will like. The bar is always full thanks to the wide offering of spirits, cocktails and beer on tap.

But here is what you may not know- behind the scenes Old Texas Brewing Company is regularly involved in giving back to our community. They graciously offer the use of their Sky Bar for non-profits to host their events, such as benefit concerts. Old Texas continues that generosity by donating a portion of the event’s food and drink sales in support of the cause. They have also donated countless gift cards and discounts to support of local causes. Several local organizations and non-profits have benefited from the quiet generosity of Old Texas Brewing Company.

They also take care of the individual members of the community. They regularly offer a discount to military, police, firefighters and Burleson ISD employees as a thank you to those who take care of the community. There are also several local musicians who can credit Old Texas as being the location where they started and built their musical careers. Their welcome of local musicians, and providing them an excellent venue, has made Old Texas a favorite for artists.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the owners, managers and staff of Old Texas Brewing Company for their kindness to our community. We invite you to thank them as well, with your patronage. Go for a meal, attend their events and tell friends to do the same.