by Jordan DeWald


Let me introduce you to Dr. Foust, Dr. Foust, and Dr. Foust. You read that correctly! Some people describe their coworkers as being “like family.” At Good Faith Dentistry, they really are family. Blake Foust, DDS opened the practice in Burleson with his son, Grant Foust, DDS, and daughter, Lori Foust, DDS. His daughter, Joy Foust, is the Operations Officer over this practice and the others owned by the family. Dr. Grant Foust’s wife works in the office as well.

Dr. Blake Foust thought he was approaching retirement and would spend his time traveling. When the opportunity arose to work with his kids, he could not think of a better way to spend this stage of life. Dr. Foust began practicing in Memphis in 1981. He moved to Texas in 1989 where he started his own practice at Huguley, in Burleson. In 1981 he moved his practice to a shopping center on Alsbury Boulevard and then in 2003, Dr. Foust opened Alsbury Dental as a stand-alone building. He later opened Lifeway Dental in Alvarado as a second practice. All his kids were involved in his practices. Joy worked in the front office at Lifeway Dental before overseeing the operations of all the practices. Dr. Lori Foust started as a hygienist at Alsbury Dental and worked at the front office. Dr. Grant Foust started practicing at Lifeway Dental and filled in at Alsbury Dental. Even before that, they remember helping in the office with whatever needed done as they grew up. As a young person, Dr. Grant Foust recalls seeing the impact his father made on his patients’ lives. They would be at the grocery store and a patient would stop to greet Dr. Blake Foust and share stories about how much he’d helped them. He had a reputation as a dentist that could be trusted and had long-time patients. Having a practice in the community he grew up in became a priority for Dr. Grant Foust because of his father’s example. Dr. Lori Foust credits the mentoring and example of her dad and brother as being the motivation to become a dentist.

As Burleson has seen growth, so has Alsbury Dental. To meet this growth, and have a place the family could work together, the Fousts saw the opportunity to open Good Faith Dentistry. It is located on John Jones Drive near a busy and growing part of Burleson. When Dr. Blake Foust opened Alsbury Dental, there was not much development west of the practice. Now the newest practice is surrounded by subdivisions, making it accessible to the people in the community. The practice offers general dentistry services as well as cosmetic dentistry and emergency services. They want the environment to be comfortable, starting with the treats they put out in the waiting room to the treatments people receive in the back, including offering sedation dentistry. Good Faith Dentistry opened in September of 2021. Besides the new clients they are seeing as the practice grows and the patients who have followed their dentist, the practice is lightening the patient load at the busy Alsbury Dental. This is allowing people to be seen sooner. Providing excellent service to their patients is a priority of the Fousts and the opening of Good Faith Dentistry is helping both practices to do that.

“We have the best people working here.” You can hear the pride Dr. Blake Foust has in the team put together at Good Faith Dentistry. After decades of practicing dentistry, he is approaching the work with a different purpose now that he has passed the patient care to his son and daughter. He is in the stage of life where he is looking to what he can do for others and in his practice, that means developing the staff. He wrote the vision for Good Faith Dentistry: “Happy Team, Happy Dreams; Creating a team culture built to inspire happiness and create a positive environment for the best people in dentistry!” That is his motivation in leading the team. He wants to add value to the staff and meets with the individual team members regularly. This allows the staff to be more like a tribe, where everyone works together and contributes to the mission. Dr. Blake Foust’s goal is that each employee can say “this is the best job I have ever had.”

The name of Good Faith Dentistry reflects the core values of the Fousts: Christ-focused, Team-driven, and Community-oriented. The spiritually driven name was chosen because the Fousts desire for their faith to be reflected in the practice through how they treat people and how they act with integrity. Dr. Grant Foust emphasizes the value they place on caring for each individual. He says that comes more easily when the dentists see the patient as a person- someone’s parent, a friend, a member of the community. Their faith is also reflected in the good works that they do in the community through all three practices. Alsbury Dental has collected food donations for Harvest House for years. The Fousts are in the early stages of planning a “dental day” where they partner with local churches to offer free services to people in need in the community. Most people will never know about most of the ways the dentists have helped people though, because the help is simply given as an overflow of goodness in their heart.

From the moment a person walks into Good Faith Dentistry, they are welcomed. They are treated like family because that is the heart of the practice. They are steadfast in their commitment to offer top notch dental care while providing excellent customer service. Dr. Grant Foust invites people to “put us to the test! We have a great team and are ready to serve you.”

Good Faith Dentistry

Good Faith Dentistry
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