Lexie Duncan/Owner & Groomer

Creative Design Dog Spa

Favorite Groomer

I started my journey in grooming in 2010. Immediately I fell in love with the profession. It’s been my passion and joy since. In the beginning it was everyday pet grooming, and now it is show dogs and colorful pup clients as well.

When I started Creative Design Dog Spa, it was with the purpose of providing a peaceful, quiet, relaxing spa day that all my pet parents wanted for their fur babies. Since the beginning I have been successful at that and will continue to do so. My pups enjoy coming to see me just as much as I enjoy seeing them.


Lexie Duncan Owner & Groomer Creative Design Dog Spa

Lexie Duncan, Owner & Groomer, Creative Design Dog Spa


Lexie Duncan
Creative Design Dog Spa
Burleson, TX 76028