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Rachel Rombough is a Nurse Practitioner of almost ten years. She finished her schooling and spent time working for the under-served population in New York before returning to Texas where she began to notice a need in our community for an alternative healthcare model. “I saw how much patients would have to pay out of pocket for visits. There was a cost for the initial visit, lab work costs, and further associated treatment costs. It all adds up very quickly. I started to research different healthcare models and I realized this membership-based option was an incredible opportunity to meet the needs of so many more people.” Rachel’s desire to offer more to her community led to the creation of Direct Primary Care Burleson, a membership-based and patient focused approach to primary medical care.

“We see a lot of patients that don’t typically seek medical care at all. That can be due to costs, lack of insurance, or just a really bad prior experience. What we offer is far more affordable and because we have less patients, we have more time with them. People appreciate that and we see a lot of great outcomes in people who just haven’t been able to prioritize their health before.” By not accepting medical insurance they are able to keep their costs low and provide the same services you would expect at any other primary care practice, in a much more personalized manner. A standard medical practice can run a total patient count of 2,000 or more per provider. DPC aims to cap that count at around 500. This not only allows for ample time at appointments and better care for each patient – for the providers it helps increase job satisfaction, gives them freedom to tailor their care to each patient more effectively, eliminates the frustrations of care restrictions put into place by insurance companies, and reduces the potential for burnout. “It’s a win-win for the provider and patient,” Rachel says.

A flat membership fee provides access to unlimited office visits, same and next day appointments for urgent concerns, the ability to directly message your provider whenever you need, once a year annual bloodwork, discounted procedures, after hours care, and discounted bloodwork for additional testing. DPC aims to be clear and up front with all costs and they even offer a family package at a discounted rate for those who are seeking both adult and pediatric care. “Our COO Amy Burden recently spearheaded the effort of our office to become involved with the government vaccine program. It was a huge undertaking, and it’s incredible having the ability to offer childhood immunizations right in the office for those who want them. We no longer have to send people to the health department who are seeking those vaccinations.” Direct Primary Care also offers a specialist program that provides virtual consultations with over 120 different specialists, helping save both time and money for those who require specialist care.

Another service available to patients is hormone replacement Xcan help identify the root cause of symptoms that may feel vague. There are multiple approaches to treating hormone imbalances and if you are interested in exploring this type of care, it’s the only service that is also offered to non-members, although those who have memberships reap the benefit of a discounted price. Direct Primary Care also works with local employers in an effort to offer a comprehensive and more affordable healthcare option to employee benefits packages. “We help them offer a benefit plan as an alternative to the traditional health insurance model as a way to keep their employees both healthy and happy.”

Direct Primary Care currently has two nurse practitioners who are accepting new patients. “As we continue to grow, I want to ensure we never lose the special relationship we have with Burleson. Our patients are so incredibly supportive, they want us to succeed. Burleson wants you to succeed as a local business. That experience doesn’t exist everywhere, and it’s heartwarming that we have such an incredible relationship with our members and our community here.”



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