Our Place – Burleson

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Otto Arslanovski

You would be hard pressed to find someone in Burleson who hasn’t enjoyed a visit to Our Place. There’s a reason they were voted First in Breakfast and Lunch, and Second in Patio. They’ve been a staple of the Burleson community at their current location since 2012, but the reality is people here have known and loved the Our Place brand for much longer than that. “We are Burleson’s original family restaurant, with our roots here reaching all the way back to 1986,” says Otto Arslanovski. The original Our Place restaurant was a labor of love began by his parents, and it has persevered over the years – even surviving a brief hiatus of Arslanovski ownership. But these days the restaurant is thriving, well loved, and always looking for ways to give back.

“Living in Burleson, how could you not be supportive of this community? It happens almost by osmosis here. There is just always something good going on.” Our Place seems to love supporting just about any Burleson-based cause that comes across their path, but the Center for ASD, Harvest House, and One Safe Place are just a few of the most notable. One Safe Place has a program that aims to help people in abusive relationships get out, and stay safe while they move on with their lives. “I personally have multiple employees who have shared that they are alive and safe because of that program. How could I not be supportive of that cause?” Our Place also sponsors the Burleson Police Department clay shooting team. You can see them and the Centennial Spartan Clay Target Team in action this month, at Centennial High School’s event “Bustin’ Clays for the Kids.”

At any point, if you were to walk into Our Place you would see a restaurant that serves feel-good food in a great family atmosphere that is a perfect example of the melting pot our city really is. The diversity of our community always seems to be on display there, with people from all walks of life dining side by side. Often you will find a table or two of our community protectors fueling up for a shift, and while police officers and firefighters alike both enjoy a generous discount at Our Place, it is rare that they ever get a chance to pay their bill. Otto mentions that more often than not by the time they try to take care of the check, someone in the restaurant has already covered it. They never expect that of course but it is a nice reminder that so many amongst us are still actively looking for ways to support our First Responders.

“During Covid, we were just so blessed by our customers. They are what kept us going. They would order to-go and then still take great care of the staff through their generous tips. We wouldn’t be able to support our staff or the causes that we do without our customers. We are so proud to be a part of this community.

There are currently two Our Place locations, both of which are still family owned and operated. Keep a look out in the not-too distant future for a third location to pop up in the Cleburne area. Our Place intends to bring their good food, family atmosphere, and community minded spirit to Cleburne within the next year. For now, you can visit the Burleson or Mansfield locations from 6:00 am – 3:00 pm every day.



Our Place
950 N Burleson Blvd,
Burleson, TX 76028
T: 817-426-9009