Erin Memmer

Intensity Training Systems

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At Intensity Training Systems we have one main goal in mind; to get our clients stronger. We’ve always had a passion for helping people, love for those who walk through our doors and a profound sense of ownership over the time they spend with us. Selfishly, our best moments are when we get to share in their victories. Physical strength is important, but it’s just scratching the surface of what “stronger” truly means.

Here’s how our clients define it: “It means I chose to be STRONGER than my excuse. Stronger because I chose to show up for myself.” – Brandy Stantisteven

Strength = confidence, power, health, and pushing yourself (the coaches at ITS are the best at this, when you can’t push yourself), and accomplishing more than you realize you were capable of, and how that feels mentally, physically, emotionally, and for me even spiritually. I love this gym sooo much. – Erin Lewing

Being coached by people who actually care. It really is a gym unlike any other. — Richard Pettis

The bonds between myself, the coaches and the strong bonds I’ve made with the other homies. I can feel like garbage and I’ll still be there because those bonds pull me to that happy place. If you’re willing to be a little vulnerable and open up, the people there will fill you with strength. – Amy Armentrout



Intensity Training Systems
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