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If you’ve been in Burleson for any length of time, chances are you know the Prescher name. Lisa Prescher of Prescher Custom Homes has called Burleson home for 32 years. She had a child graduate from each high school, and through her efforts of staying as involved as possible in her kids lives, has spent countless hours serving on booster clubs at each school and even coached basketball, softball, and baseball through leagues within our community. This past year, Lisa was inducted into the Burleson Sports Hall of Fame as a Community Champion. She believes fully in the importance of being involved with your kids, the community, and giving back wherever you can. “The benefits are immense. Not only do you get to know your kids on a deeper level and maintain some form of influence in their lives as they mature, you build relationships with the other families and they become a part of your family. We are still involved in each other’s lives now, and I’m so thankful for that.”

Lisa’s gift of serving and cultivating relationships with those around her has served her well as she ventured into her professional life. She began helping her husband Jimmy with his roofing company, finding ways to make things more efficient so he could focus on the hands-on tasks. As his company grew and they had created really solid relationships with home builders and contractors in the area, Lisa and her brother Michael decided to try their hand at building homes. “I’ve always been interested in homes, even as a kid I would draw designs out and then try to create them.” Lisa and Michael built a couple of homes, and that led to building a couple more. People started talking about what they were doing, and previous clients began referring new clients to them and before they knew it, Prescher Custom Homes was designing and building 50 plus homes a year. The organic growth that comes from word-of-mouth referrals is truly priceless to a business, and the Prescher Homes team does not take a bit of that for granted. “Ultimately, we are just so thankful to each of our customers for trusting us, and for each opportunity that has come our way. We build relationships with our clients during the building process and we feel like our friend circle grows that much larger with each job we are able to take on.”

If you are ready to begin designing your dream home, see what Prescher Custom Homes can do for you. We here at Local Life know what a distinction the term Local Love holds, but Lisa and her team would be happy to prove to you just how hard they’ll work to bring you home to the house of your dreams.



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