Ronnie Johnson

Burleson Mayor Candidate

Ronnie Johnson is a current member of Burleson’s city council, but his roots here go back to 1970, when he moved to the small town after graduating from Midwestern University. Ronnie has spent 53 years serving the community through various roles such as; coach, educator, small business owner (The Dairy Twin), and member of city council. Ronnie Johnson believes Burleson is a city of character and kindness, and hopes to restore a positive and unified leadership within the city council. Those that know Ronnie also know his reputation for honesty, his reliability, and his fiscally conservative voting record. He is also the only 2023 Mayoral Candidate to have received endorsements from Public Safety Associations during his time on council. He is also the only Mayoral Candidate to have received endorsements from former council members (DanO Strong), current council members (CP1. Victoria Johnson & CP2. Rick Green) and current Candidate Larry Scott for CP4. Also in support of Ronnie Johnson are BISD School Board Member Shawn Minor.

Ronnie and his wife Peggy Johnson have attended First Christian Church of Burleson since 1971. Over the last 50 years, Ronnie has served in numerous leadership positions including Chair of the board and currently serves as the Vice Chair.

Ronnie Johnson’s platform for Mayor is focused on protecting taxpayers from poor financial management, improving community relationships, encouraging a more cohesive and respectful council, and bringing professionalism and civility back to our council meetings.

Ronnie has been called a lot of things during his time in Burleson. Husband, father, boss, teacher, coach, board member, and council member. If you agree with his vision for Burleson, he asks for your vote, and he hopes the next thing you’ll call him is “Mayor”.

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