How do you explain the Meatmiesters? There is really nothing else like them. In the simplest description, it is a group of guys who grill, smoke and barbeque meats to help out other causes. But that stand-alone description does not suffice. They are so much more than that.

Meatmiesters consists officially of six team members: Brian Roberts, Randy Randall, Chris Flores, Russell Carter, Damien Robbins and Tony Nicks. Their wives are just as much a part of the team though, as are their children along with others who will join in on the fun. They started around nine years ago by participating in the Camp Craig Allen BBQ Cookoff, to support an excellent organization their family member benefitted from. They still continue to compete in that event. They added a few other competitions to their calendar in the early years but figured out quickly they had a lot more fun cooking for others. Soon, they learned the real fun was in cooking for others while helping others in need, all while getting to teach their kids life lessons about giving back. That is when Meatmiesters started “giving back, one ‘que at a time.”

That is where the real strength of Meatmiesters comes in. These 6 guys and their families have taken their love and talent for barbequing and are using those gifts to make a positive impact on their world. They started with partnering with the Children’s Advocacy Center and have continued to partner with other organizations to help them in whatever way they can from their smoker. Whether it is cooking for the VIPs at a charitable event, helping an organization fundraise by selling one of their popular dishes, or any number of other imaginative ways they can use their skill, Meatmiesters has benefited countless organizations and individuals in their community. They are not only generous with their talents and time they are genuinely good people. The team is friendly and professional but they also show a kindness and goodness that stands out and causes people to take notice.

They give generously to others but their work is not a cheap one! The meats, seasonings and other food items alone are consistent costs and on top of that they have equipment, supplies, and travel costs plus more. They get support from a few sponsors including Sucklebusters and Air Balance Company and would welcome other interested businesses. The community can also support the work of the Meatmiesters through purchasing their BBQ seasonings and gear such as shirts and hats from their website. They are adding a Christmas sale this year so you have the chance to have them cook your Christmas and Easter dinner now! For Christmas, you can order a ham, turkey or brisket fully cooked! You can learn more about Meatmiesters and support them on their Facebook page at or on their website at