Your favorite Local salons, stylists, brows, nails and more

From time to time, we want to know what you think. This month, we asked for your favorite Local beauty services businesses. You voted and told us. Here are the top nomination recipients and Local Life favorites.


Local Love - Favorite Local Beauty Services 2021


Local Salon

1. First Impressions Salon.Spa.Boutique

2. Fierce and Fabulous

3. Novak Hair Studios



1. Kristi Mitchell, First Impressions Salon.Spa.Boutique

2. Tiffany Johnson, Fierce and Fabulous

3. Karen Rhys, Shear Creations



1. Emily Winters

2. Dulce Clowers

3. Codi Cooper



1. Emily Winters

2. Codi Cooper



1. Emily Winters

2. Codi Cooper


Barber shop

1. Founders Barbershop

2. The Garage



1. Island Massage


Nail Salon

1. Luxx Nail Salon

2. Pearl Nails

3. Legacy Nails and Spa


Nail Technician

1. Tori, Luxx Nail Salon