Science-backed, Technology-tracked, Coach-inspired.


by Jordan DeWald

Science-backed, Technology-tracked, Coach-inspired. These three values set the foundation for the workouts designed by Orangetheory. Whether you are working out at the Burleson location, or at any of the more than one thousand locations across the globe, you will experience a workout that meets those core goals.

The pilot location of Orangetheory opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2010. Soon after that, Orangetheory began franchising and the first Dallas/Fort Worth area franchise opened in 2014, where there are now thirty-four locations. Designed as a “boutique gym,” Orangetheory’s smaller gym size allows them to go into smaller markets and cater to those individuals. There are Orangetheory locations in both urban and suburban areas and because of their unique workout design, competition is not too much of an issue. There is no other fitness gym like Orangetheory. The Burleson location was opened in December of 2017. All of the franchises in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex merged in Dec 2019, under the ownership of Maverick Fitness.

The core of what makes Orangetheory has remained the same despite the growth. It is science-backed, using the science of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and heart rate monitoring to provide a workout that continues to burn calories even after the workout is completed. A fitness board at the corporate office creates each one-hour workout, that never repeats. The workouts are intervals between treadmills, strength training, and water rowers, and the focus is on endurance, strength, and power.

It is technology-backed. A monitor is worn by the client, allowing the heart rate to be tracked through the entire workout. The heart rate is displayed in real-time on large screens throughout the gym so each client can visually monitor their heart rate and see how many calories they are burning. There are five different heart rate zones and throughout the class, the member spends time in each zone. This allows them to see great results because when they are working out most efficiently, their body will burn calories the best.

Finally, is the core value of being coach-inspired. Orangetheory workouts are in a group fitness class led by a certified and trained fitness coach. The workout templates are unified across the globe, carefully crafted by the fitness board at the corporate office. This design allows the gym’s coaches to provide motivation, attention, and help with technique, similar to what a personal trainer would do. All a member has to do is show up because all of the workout, equipment, and help is provided.

Membership packages vary based on each member’s fitness goals. A member has access to any of the Orangetheory gyms and all of the workouts and available equipment are uniform across the gyms. The Dallas/Fort Worth market is an example of a fluid market, where members use multiple gyms besides their home gym. A person who lives in Burleson but works in Fort Worth could choose to use the Burleson gym on the weekends but go to the Fort Worth gym close to their office after work.

The community-based environment at each Orangetheory gym is an important factor in making each member more successful. The classes are conducted in a group setting and relationships are formed by the members who share the same schedules. It is empowering for a member to have someone working beside them, motivating them when they struggle, and celebrating their successes. Accountability helps keep members working towards their goals. It comes through the coaches, who will check on members when they miss class. It is also formed organically by the other members who will notice when someone isn’t there and will reach out. The lobby is a place where members and coaches congregate and relationships are further developed. While the lobbies had to be closed and social distancing was practiced during the Covid-19 shutdowns, the necessary part of the community environment was most noticed. The gym owners were anxious to get back to what they knew was successful, something that was not easily mimicked or modified during the shutdowns.

Kimberly Wesolowski is the Chief Operating Officer of Maverick Fitness, owner of the Dallas/Fort Worth Orangetheory franchises. Wesolowski shared what she finds the most important piece of Orangetheory, a tagline she uses called “More Life.” More Life is the benefit that fitness provides that is beyond the goal of losing weight. Weight loss may be the initial goal but other results could also be happening, such as getting to go off of blood pressure medications or being able to play with their kids in a way they couldn’t before. Wesolowski says if you put in an hour to work out, what you get out of it is the other twenty-three hours in the day. Improved sleep, clearer cognition, less anxiety, and more energy to perform tasks are all improvements that can be seen in the other twenty-three hours. These benefits are long-term.

The Dallas/Fort Worth area Orangetheory gyms give back to their local communities through a program called Orange Love. A local charity is chosen and members help determine the amount given by checking in at the gym and using a specific hashtag. Every hashtag translates to dollars given to the local charity. Each member is not only working out for themselves, but they are also doing it for a good cause.

When you visit the Burleson Orangetheory, you will be welcomed by Maddy, the studio manager, and Michael, the head coach. You can visit with them about your fitness goals and they can set you up with a plan that works best for those goals and your schedule. The gym is located in Burleson Commons at 1561 SW Wilshire Blvd, Suite #405. Drop by, or give them a call at (682) 350-8242. They can be found on the web at