by Jordan DeWald


The human brain has a funny way of approaching making a change. It decides a Monday is the day to start a diet, not a Thursday. January is a better month to join a gym than April. While that thinking doesn’t necessarily make logical sense, you can still use it to help you start to pursue goals. Kimberly Wesolowski of Orangetheory encourages people to use that as motivation. “Naturally we all need a little extra push- a new year is that extra push.” If you plan to join the majority of Americans and make the new year a time for a “new you” in regard to fitness, here are some steps to set yourself up for success!


Whatever goal you are looking to achieve in the new year, accountability is an important factor in following through and reaching that goal. If a healthier lifestyle through fitness is your goal, Orangetheory excels at accountability! A coach will help you to look at the goals you have for the year and establish a program to help you find success. Their system will help you push through when the new year newness has worn off and the motivation is harder to come by.

One way to be kept accountable is to set a date and time on your calendar. Orangetheory encourages their members to book an appointment for a designated time in advance and someone from Orangetheory will hold them to that time. As the member continues to go to the studio, relationships are established within the community. That person knows their coach will see their name on the roster and expect that person to be there. Class members will notice an absence as well. The coach and the community learn the goals of the members and will sustain them as they put in the work. If a member misses a class, they could get a call from the front desk staff, their coach or a community member, or all three!


To find success in reaching a goal, the steps must be achievable without a lot of obstacles. If there are any places for excuses, a person is far less likely to push through when challenges arise. For fitness goals, Orangetheory removes as many obstacles as possible.

First, they take away the intimidation. It can be overwhelming to step into a big box gym for the first time. All you see is unfamiliar equipment and it looks like everyone else is an expert on how to use them. Then you must plan for what you’re going to do with the equipment and the time you will spend doing it. When someone steps into an Orangetheory for the first time though, that isn’t the case. A new member will arrive thirty minutes early to meet with their coach to avoid the intimidation of not knowing. They will discuss their goals with their coach and the first class time is dedicated to helping them understand the workout, the Orangetheory lingo, and how to use the equipment.

Then Orangetheory takes away the guesswork. All a person must do is show up at an Orangetheory studio. The equipment and workout are ready for them, as are the certified coaches. Boredom with routines is not even a factor because it is a different workout each day and is never repeated. A team of fitness experts at the corporate office create routines that are medically backed, and those routines are used at every single Orangetheory across the world.

Finally, Orangetheory makes it easy to attend. Schedules and locations are not obstacles. Each person signs up at their home gym, but they have access to every single other Orangetheory studio as well. There are thirty-four in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone! So, a person who lives in Burleson could stop at a Fort Worth gym closer to their office after work and use the Burleson gym when they’re closer to home. Or if they travel, they can visit the Orangetheory studio in wherever in whatever city they’re staying. Some gyms start classes early in the morning and have class times in the evening as well. They have an app available to look at schedules from any location so you can find what works that week and for your lifestyle.


An important motivator to finding success in reaching goals is knowing what that success looks like. If you say you want to get in shape so you exercise every day, how will you know if what you are doing is getting you there? Once again, Orangetheory has that taken care of for their members.

The great thing about Orangetheory is that it is backed by science and proven to work. Their use of technology helps the clients to measure the effectiveness of the current workout as well as the improvements they make over time. Members are encouraged to wear an OTBeat heart rate monitor and base their workout around the heart rate to make it most effective. Televisions all around the gym lets them know how they should push their body in a way that is specific to them so they can focus entirely on what their body should be doing. The coach is also available to provide modifications or challenges dependent on the client’s goals and current ability. Every fitness professional holds a nationally accredited personal training certification as well as upholds their Orangetheory certification.

The community that forms within the Orangetheory studio – and within classes – helps the members to measure their goals and celebrate when they are reached. They have groups on social media platforms where the community celebrates occasions such as beating a personal record, reaching benchmarks, and studio anniversaries. Within a class, the other participants recognize and cheer on when one of the members reaches a goal or could use encouragement.

Visit Orangetheory Fitness at 1561 SW Wilshire Blvd, Suite 405, Burleson, or visit online.

Orangetheory can help you reach your goals for the new year. You just have to make the call. If you are still on the fence, read what one of the members has to say about their experience:


“Every time I walk through the door for a workout it sets the type of tone that can help motivate me even during the days I might not be so enthusiastic about pushing myself. Then of course there are my amazing team of coaches Lori and Shane. Without these two talented people I don’t know where I would be in my goals or if I’d even be still pushing forward with them.

“I would like to thank all of you deeply for the changes you have helped me make within myself and the positive outcomes it has had for me and all of my family. Every chance I get to talk about Orangetheory Fitness it always comes with the highest of recommendation from me to anyone who is ready to make a positive change for themselves regardless of reason. I know that my life has been forever changed.”