There are so many great options to choose from when it comes to fitness here in the Burleson, Crowley, Joshua area. We asked for your favorites when it comes to being healthy and staying in shape. You voted and told us. Here are the top nomination recipients and some Local Life favorites.


Favorite Crossfit Box

1. CrossFit 313

2. CrossFit Success

3. CrossFit Burleson


Favorite Gym

1. Huguley Fitness Center

2. Flex Fitness

3. Intensity Training Systems


Favorite Trainer

1. Daniel Flynn, Intensity Training Systems

2. Taylor Guzman, Huguley Fitness Center

3. Christy Brown, Flex Fitness


Favorite Group Fitness

1. Intensity Training Systems

2. Huguley Fitness Center

3. Fit4Mom – Crowley/Burleson


Favorite Meal Prep

1. Wheeler Fitness MealPrep

2. Keep Your Fork


Favorite Yoga

1. Huguley Fitness Center, Chandra Manasco

2. Sara Nicole Yoga