Chris Fletcher

Burleson Mayor Candidate

Growing up working on my family farm, I learned the value of hard work and only quitting once the job is done. I am running for a second term for the City of Burleson because while we have accomplished much, more work must be done.

During my term, I requested a 20-year review of infrastructure projects by TxDOT in the Johnson and Hood counties to understand better why Burleson was behind on receiving project funds. The city is now a member of the Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition and well-represented in transportation summits, enabling us to partner with TXDOT to improve our roads and transportation needs continuously. Above all, I value citizen input and am proud of the citizens’ role in creating and passing the 2022 bond package to improve infrastructure and expand public safety facilities to keep up with city growth.

Together, the council, citizens, and I have improved public safety by opening the new fire station, adding staff to the Emergency medical dispatch system, and installing new systems in the fire stations to reduce response times. Burleson has maintained and offered competitive salaries to our new and veteran police officers and firefighters.

Tax revenue has risen by welcoming new businesses and homes into Burleson, doubling the size of the Old Town Burleson, and creating 50,000 square feet of retail to bring in more revenue for the city.

I have worked hard, and the achievements speak for themselves as we continue to improve the community where we work and live. I will never be that Mayor who only shows up, votes, and goes home. I look forward to all we will achieve together in the three years.

Pd. Pol. Ad. by the Chris Fletcher for Mayor of Burleson Campaign