by Jessica McElroy

Photos by Brooke Mathis: Beautiful Evolutions Photography

“… we have to exercise our right to vote, and vote for the representation that will best reflect those interests. ”


Are you ready to vote? With the City Council and School Board Elections quickly approaching, we thought we would spend a little time getting to know some of the local candidates who are working hard to put themselves out there and earn the opportunity to serve our community. Before we get to the candidate profiles that have been shared with us, let’s take a look at why it’s so important to get out, share your voice, and perform your civic duty on May 6th 2023.

Why should you care about the School Board Election? The bottom line is that our local representation matters, at all levels. Those who are tasked with creating and maintaining the educational environment for our children matter. School boards play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of education in our schools. They make decisions on curriculum, staff and teacher hiring and retention practices, as well as the additional educational programs and school sanctioned extracurricular activities available to students. Having elected school boards allow a community’s diverse viewpoints and priorities to be recognized and adhered to when these educational and administrative decisions are made.

School Board Members are meant to serve as the trusted liaison between the community, parents, and school district. Because the school boards were initially created to be citizen representatives, these trustees serve without compensation – it is a responsibility these candidates are hoping to earn because they believe in the importance of the role. Beyond creating, voting on and enforcing policy changes within the public schools, those who serve on school boards are also responsible for school budget management and allocating resources for programs and facilities. School board members are also expected to report district progress by maintaining clear communication with the parents, students, staff and local community – fulfilling their role as conduit between the schools and the people those schools serve.


Your Vote Counts: School Board & Local Elections

Both for Burleson ISD School Board-Place 4; Shandy Stogsdill and Dallas Owen pose together for a photo. We are proud of the civility they have both shown in this election.


A strong, well-represented school board can facilitate stronger, more resilient ties between the schools and the community. By voting in school board elections, you are helping to ensure that our education system is thoroughly preparing our youth for successful futures and contributing to the overall health and prosperity of the greater Burleson area, all while staying accountable to the families and community that these schools they are meant to serve. In a brief interview with a former educator turned district level educational partner, when asked about the importance of voting in the local school board elections she gave an emphatic “Yes absolutely I will vote. They have the power to impact the education experience for my children. That matters. I can and should use my vote to impact who is in that seat.”

If you need another reason to care about the school board elections, think about the example that it is setting for the youth right here at home. By including our kids in the conversation and process of electing our local representation, you aren’t just setting an example that can have far reaching consequences on their view and approach to voting later in their lives. You are showing that you value them. They see that you value their education and what their school days look like. You are showing them that you place enough value in the policies that affect them that you are willing to take time out of your day and make sure that your voice is heard. And yes, they are also beginning to understand the importance of using their own voices to advocate for and create the community and schools that they want to see.

Why should you care about the City Council Elections? Again, our local representation matters, at all levels. Our local government plays a significant role in shaping our community and our lives right here in Burleson. City Councils are responsible for making decisions that directly impact our community such as managing our local facilities and recreation areas, approving local development projects and managing local budgets. Voter turnout in local elections is typically much lower than in state or national elections, but the argument can and should be made that these local elections are just as important. To ensure that our community is being represented by the priorities and values that actually exist here, we have to exercise our right to vote, and vote for the representation that will best reflect those interests.

Your Vote Counts: School Board & Local Elections

Mayor Chris Fletcher – Burleson, Texas

Your Vote Counts: School Board & Local Elections

Ronnie Johnson for Mayor – Burleson, Texas


Understanding exactly how your local government works is another crucial part to choosing who you want to represent your community. The City of Burleson operates under a council-city manager form of government. Our community is represented by the mayor and six council members who are all elected to serve three-year terms. Some of the candidates currently on the ballot are running for reelection, having served our community before. By taking the time to watch the City Council meetings that are both live streamed and archived on the City of Burleson website ( ) in the Municipal Matters of BTX Facebook page, or even by reading through the meeting minutes that are posted online after meetings you can better understand how they have represented your values and priorities through their service thus far and decide if you want that representation to continue. Ensuring that you understand how to contact your council members, raise issues, attend or watch meetings can help you practice discernment as you get to know your local candidates.

Transparency and communication are perhaps two of the most important attributes that voters expect their elected officials to consistently practice in their role, should they want to maintain the trust of the community. When there is a breakdown in communication, the trust of their position can be shaken in the eyes of the public. If you have been voted into a position that can affect the lives of our children or the livelihoods of those in our community, that is a heavy responsibility to carry. Consistently and clearly showing up to serve the community who voted for you creates the trust you will need to carry that responsibility.


Your Vote Counts: School Board & Local Elections

Phil Anderson for Burleson City Council, Place 2


It’s no secret that the last several election cycles have not been for the faint of the heart. It should be better understood that it requires a great deal of effort and courage to even run a campaign, let alone secure an election win. These candidates are members of our own community, who willingly subject themselves to public scrutiny with both their professional and personal lives often being offered up to the public to be closely examined. Should they hold up against that scrutiny and secure the votes of the community, the burden of responsibility truly begins. The responsibility of serving your community weighs heavily. Knowing that, we extend a heartfelt thank you to each of the candidates who have put themselves out there with the genuine intention of making our schools and our community better.

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It’s important to make sure you are registered to vote! The voter registration deadline for the May 6th 2023 election is April 6th, 2023. The deadline for ballots by mail is April 25th, 2023, but it’s important to check your county’s website for more information on that process. Once registered make sure you know where your polling location is and the times that they are open so you can plan your day accordingly. Get out and vote, Burleson! As a valued part of our community, your voice is too important to not be heard.

Now let’s take a few minutes to get to know some of our candidates.

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