by Jessica McElroy

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If you’ve been around the Burleson area for any length of time, chances are you know Tim Davis or his company, Alpha and Omega Pest Control. Tim opened the business back in 1998 with the intention of serving his community in a practical way and through his dedicated efforts to serve and build strong customer relationships, they are now celebrating an impressive 25 years of operation here in Burleson! The accomplishment is one Tim is quite proud of: “It’s a huge blessing from God. He’s helped us ride the waves of business ownership and helped us through each challenge that has come our way. We are thankful for these past 25 years and really excited for our future here.”

Pest control services are a vital component of maintaining a home, business, or property of any kind. Pests can be more than just an obnoxious presence, they can pose threats to health, environment and property. For example, rodents can chew through wires and create a fire risk. Termites work swiftly and silently and weaken the foundation of a building if not treated quickly. Ticks are known to pose health risks from the diseases they can carry and once fleas get comfy in your home, well they tend to overstay their welcome very quickly. Keeping your home or business free of these concerns is a vital piece to protecting and preserving your investment. Beyond the health aspects of maintaining your property or commercial space, it also helps build trust with your clients. Nobody wants to frequent a location that doesn’t feel clean or healthy. As anyone who runs a small business knows, client trust and relationships are everything. It’s a sentiment that Tim and his team share, and has been integral to their business approach.

Their success is obvious beyond just the amount of time they have served our community. If you take a chance to read through some of their reviews or speak to those who use Alpha and Omega, chances are you will hear nothing but satisfied customers. In fact, their business has grown and thrived from old-fashioned word of mouth referrals. As a leader, Tim was sure to hire a team who was willing to really take their time with consultations and conduct thorough inspections. They also make every effort to tailor their services specifically to each client and are willing to use the amount of product that it actually takes for their services to be effective. It’s also important to them to help educate their clients throughout the process, so that they can learn to protect themselves and their own property to the best of their ability. We all know what an honor being nominated for our very own Local Love is. Alpha and Omega Pest Control has not only been nominated, but actually won the title of #1 Pest Control Company in Burleson, Crowley, and Joshua in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Our community loves Alpha and Omega, and it’s not hard to see why.

Being a family-owned business gives Tim’s team the ability to really prioritize personalizing their approach with each client. When a business has the freedom to prioritize building long-term customer relationships over just making a sale, it makes a huge difference in the consumer experience. It’s an effort that really began from day one for Tim, who worked in the industry for 7 years prior to opening the doors to his own company. “I didn’t know anything about how to run a business, but I did know how to provide second-to-none customer service. So, I took the opportunity, grabbed the bull by the horns and got busy. Meeting that level of customer service is still what drives me today.”

Of course, business ownership has come with its challenges, and Tim acknowledges that it’s been anything but easy. “I know during Covid things changed for everyone. We were fortunate to be considered an essential business and were able to flex our approach in a way that ensured we were being safe.” Tim’s team worked to adjust their service interactions in a way that kept their customers feeling safe and supported, while still providing their essential services during that time. After all, pests didn’t care about a pandemic. “I didn’t have to let anyone go during that time thank goodness but I know a lot of places did. We have always worked hard to support our local establishments any way we could but we really tried to step up our support during that time.”

Here at Local Life, we are set up in a rather unique position to watch our local businesses meet all of the challenges that are thrown their way. Through adversity we see many survive and some even thrive. The last few years were difficult for us all, but what an amazing experience watching everyone adapt and forge on the best that they could despite the crazy circumstances. A spirit of togetherness was still present even as we were not actually together. When Tim speaks about working hard to support as many local businesses during that time as he could, it not only speaks to his character, but also to the character of the incredible community we know that we have here.

Alpha omega pest control burleson texas

Tim and Belisa Davis and grandchildren: Henry and Juniper.


We speak to the unique spirit in our community often, but we really do mean it. We have a deep sense of pride in our local businesses and in the amount of passion and dedication that we see so many pouring into their unique gifts. The desire to serve still exists, and here it is prevalent. It’s obvious in the way so many family-owned businesses continue to thrive here despite the massive growth our community has seen over the years. By continuing to support family-owned businesses like Alpha and Omega, we preserve the heritage and unique cultural fabric of Burleson, even as we progress and grow. Keeping preservation and progress hand in hand. “We all do better when we help each other do well. Burleson does a great job maintaining that sense of community. I play a very small part of it but I do try to be as active as I can in that process. I think the only ones I can’t help out personally are the barber shops.”

Tim’s ties to the community here extend well past the 25 years Alpha and Omega has been operating. He spent many years as a member of the Rotary Club and has been active with the Chamber of Commerce as well. He credits a large piece of his business success and the knowledge it has taken to build Alpha and Omega to the time spent serving in those capacities and the partnerships that came out of it. “It enabled us to meet some of our awesome city leaders and other cornerstones of our community. We were able to forge relationships there that have now existed for 25 years plus. That’s just the tip of the iceberg but those organizations and many others here like them open doors to so many opportunities to be a volunteer and servant to your community. At times it can feel like there’s a shortage of that in today’s world but I can assure you, it does still exist. Learning how to serve is so important, and the rewards that come from learning that skill far outweigh the investment of time. Get involved. Your community will be better for it and so will you.”

Alpha omega pest control burleson texas

From left to right: Will Thompson, Kelsea Thompson, Isaiah Young, Macee Young, Tim Davis, Belisa Davis. Grandchildren: Henry Thompson, Juniper Young

Alpha and Omega Pest Control - Celebrating 25 Years!

Tim proudly poses with grandchildren, Henry & Juniper at the Alpha and Omega offices.

If the sentiment that small businesses reflect the unique character and identity of a community is true, and here at Local Life we firmly believe that it is, then those here in the greater Burleson area can rest assured that we are represented by some of the best. That includes Tim Davis and his entire team over at Alpha and Omega. We are proud to be a part of this community, and proud to be represented by integrity and service-minded individuals. Congratulations on your 25 years, Alpha and Omega Pest Control! We can’t wait to see what the next 25 bring you!

“Killing bugs is what allowed us to raise our kids, and now that our own little pests are reproducing, we get to enjoy our grandkids too. For us it’s always been about serving our community, and getting to celebrate 25 years of that is a huge blessing. We just really want to extend our heartfelt thank-you to each customer who has helped us get here. And above all, we want to thank God. It’s His business. I’m just the one running it.”

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