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“The teams for both Barking Mad and Complete Canine TX have been working day and night on a one-stop shop for all your doggy needs.”

We can’t wait!

You might have heard some chatter about the new business called BTX Canine Headquarters. The teams for both Barking Mad and Complete Canine TX have been working day and night to transform and upgrade the building that the previous owners of Purple Shih Tzu occupied. Both businesses will be sharing the over 8,000 square ft building that will now be a one-stop shop for all your doggy needs. It is a work in progress, but they will offer everything your dog needs: daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, training for all levels, and group classes. They will even be adding a retail specialty space for all your puppy needs when it comes to supplies. Follow them on Social Media for some fun events coming up in 2024.

Barking Mad Doggy Daycare and Boarding

Destani Mize is the owner of Barking Mad Doggy Daycare and Boarding in Burleson, Texas. She has loved animals her entire life, always bringing home strays and other critters. It led her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine as a technician. She learned from a veterinarian she trusted and respected, and spent time getting to know owners and learning about their experiences as dog owners. A topic that came up often was dog owners’ complaints about boarding systems. As a dog owner herself, she knew how important it was to have a place that she could trust to watch her dogs. Facilities were getting a bad rap, ranging from bad customer experiences to headline-making stories of abuse. Destani wanted to change the standard of care and offer her town a place they could trust. Thus, the creation of Barking Mad nine years ago.

Destani set out to create a facility that built a trusting relationship with dog owners and provided activity and engagement with the dogs. Barking Mad offers daycare, overnight boarding, and “spaw” services. Dogs who are boarded get to take part in the daycare environment at no extra charge. They spend the majority of their day in the yard playing with other dogs and the staff, only being separated to eat and sleep. Barking Mad is not open to the public, meaning they do not allow walk-ins or schedule a boarding appointment without a prior meeting. Destani and the staff want to provide an environment that is safe for all the dogs, including the new dog, so they require a temperament test prior to allowing the dog to stay at the facility. There are some dogs that just aren’t suitable for group environments. Destani stresses that does not mean the dog is bad, it just means a group setting isn’t the right environment. There are times the staff can ease the dogs into the situation, and they are patient and respectful of the dog’s needs. Other times, though, it will not work for the dog.

The homely environment she has created has met a need in Burleson, and when people discover Barking Mad, they become long-term customers. Destani has gotten to watch many of her current dog clients since they were puppies. The attention to detail is something else that sets Barking Mad apart. For example, if a dog does not eat their food, she makes a note and notifies the dog’s owner rather than waiting to tell them when they come to pick up their pet. She lets the owners make the decisions about what is okay and not okay for their dog, rather than her guessing what they want. This gives owners real peace of mind as they are away from their pets.

Complete Canine

Jimmy Nikolopoulos has a long history of training dogs. He has trained dogs for the military, worked with professional athletes’ pets, and helps regular dog owners with the most basic skills of getting their dog to walk on a leash. He is the founder of Complete Canine TX and says he trains the owner as much as the dog. He uses classical conditioning, a time-trusted method of training. He has worked hard for all the Facebook and Google 5-star reviews from happy customers and their dogs. Jimmy is excited about the expansion and has joined forces with Daniel and Autumn Willenborg to help with his fast-growing business. Complete Canine TX is designed to best meet the needs of the family and the dog. Jimmy has always offered basic training, advanced training, and his specialty of rehabbing aggressive dogs. CCTX is now offering boarding and day training as well. Be on the lookout for group classes starting in 2024.

Between the two of them, they have interacted with thousands of dogs at this point in their lives, making them experts in their care and training. Destani and Jimmy have helpful suggestions for people to make sure they are providing the best situation for both them and the dog. They are excited to share a building and offer Burleson its first one-stop dog shop!

BTX Canine Headquarters

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Burleson, Texas
(817) 367-9015
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