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“We work day in and day out to grow, maintain, and advance our business in order to provide the highest level of service to all of our clients.”

While working at a local real estate company, Cassie Spears embarked on her real estate career while still in high school. She attended weekend classes and earned her license right after graduating from Burleson High School.

With 22 years as a full-time REALTOR, Cassie’s passion for real estate is evident. She chose her office in Old Town not just for its location, but for its character, especially falling in love with the location and building dating back to 1910, and then turning it into the picturesque pink building it is today – her brand’s color. Cassie has witnessed Burleson’s remarkable transformation.

Since starting her career in 2001, the population has more than doubled, transforming Old Town from a quiet area to a bustling community hub. This growth has greatly influenced the real estate market, with a significant increase in property equity. Cassie’s extensive knowledge of every street and subdivision in town uniquely positions her to help clients find their ideal neighborhood within their budget.

Cassie Spears is not just an ordinary REALTOR; she’s a unique figure in the industry with a multi-faceted approach to her business. As a top earning agent, she also owns and operates a successful property management company, Spears Team Property Management, overseeing over 300 properties in the area. Her business model is distinct from others in the industry. Her commitment to her community and profession has led to her being nominated as Favorite REALTOR for three consecutive years, and her team being recognized as Favorite REALTOR group for three years. Instead of running separate enterprises and focusing on individual results, her team functions as a cohesive unit. Cassie and her husband, Tim, are the faces of the company, driving its growth and maintaining its vision. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team works to ensure a seamless process. Taylor Cole, the trusted team and transaction coordinator, has been a vital part of the team for over four years, playing a crucial role in holding everything together. In 2022, Cassie’s son, Lex Spears, obtained his real estate license after graduating from Burleson’s Centennial High School. He has since been focusing on the property management aspect of the business, ensuring tenant satisfaction and the prompt handling of payments to owners and contractors. In October, the team welcomed Mandy Zimmerhanzel, who is also a Burleson graduate, and a new yet familiar face in real estate. Having served as Cassie’s escrow officer for 17 years, Mandy’s transition to the team was seamless, bringing with her a genuine care for clients’ best interests and a wealth of experience.

One aspect that sets them apart from other real estate teams is that Cassie is a certified negotiation expert, ensuring the best outcomes for her clients. Her property management company complements her real estate services, allowing her to collaborate with various contractors and save clients money on inspection- related repairs. If you don’t already, you should follow Cassie on social media, @cassiespearsteam. Over the past five years, she has honed her skills in showcasing properties and self-marketing, thanks to guidance from multiple high level real estate and marketing coaches. Her strong social media presence and expertise in marketing help attract clients that align with her professional values.

Cassie’s connection to Burleson extends beyond her professional role. She has been actively involved in the local school system, participating in PTOs and various committees. Her husband, Tim, contributes his time to the Burleson Sports Hall of Fame board and the Old Town Design Standards and Review Committee. Together, they support the local chamber and sponsor sports teams, demonstrating their commitment to the community and supporting the city.

Cassie predicts that the 2024 housing market will bear many similarities to 2023. Gone are the days of receiving numerous offers on your home and enjoying low 3% interest rates. However, the market remains robust and sales prices continue to rise. While interest rates are projected to decrease this year, the decrease will not be as drastic as the previous increase. It is crucial to price your home appropriately in this market; overpricing could deter potential buyers. The longer your home stays on the market, the more people may question its condition. It is important to interview multiple agents to ensure you hire someone who will effectively market your home to a wide audience rather than simply relying on a yard sign. If you are considering a move but want to hold onto your low-interest rate, Cassie suggests discussing the possibility of leasing your home instead of selling it.

With more than two decades of experience, deep community ties, and a unique approach to business, Cassie Spears and her team at eXp Realty stands ready to guide others in their real estate journey. Whether they’re buying, selling, or exploring property management, Cassie offers expert advice and personalized service. She invites them to contact her today and start their real estate adventure with a team that knows and loves Burleson inside out.

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