HVAC expert Will Cobb from TruClimate Heating + Cooling answers your questions about heating and cooling systems.


What is something that people should know about their HVAC systems?

“The importance of maintenance. I know that many of us don’t think about calling an HVAC company until we have a breakdown. And twenty years ago, that was OK. Systems weren’t very efficient and were pretty simple and inexpensive to repair. That’s not the case today. Modern systems are far better than their older counterparts, but they also need to be maintained properly to maximize that potential. Many service providers, including our local United Cooperative Services, offer incentives, or even fully reimburse the cost of annual maintenance. They understand how important it is to keep the HVAC equipment as efficient as possible. After all, your heating and cooling system can account for up to 60% of all the electricity usage in your home.”


What future prospects of the ever-changing industry do you look forward to experiencing?

“Without a doubt, it is remote diagnostics. This exists today, but with the introduction of AI into our business will become even more robust in the very near future. Imagine if we, as your service provider, were notified of a problem, could diagnose the issue, and then dispatch a technician to your house to meet you when you got home from work… before you walked into a hot house and even knew there was a problem. That is a level of customer service that I am very excited about.”