Lisa Prescher

Jimmy Prescher’s Roofing and Co-owner of Prescher Custom Homes

Meet Lisa Prescher, the dedicated owner and President of Jimmy Prescher’s Roofing and co-owner of Prescher Custom Homes. A long-time resident of Burleson with a history in Crowley, Lisa’s roots run deep in the community she loves. With 30 years of experience in roofing and a decade of building custom homes with her brother, Lisa’s passion for construction dates back to her grade school days.

As a proud mom and active member of the community, Lisa’s commitment to quality and customer care has been the cornerstone of her success. Her business, thriving for three decades, is a testament to her dedication and the trust of her clients. From envisioning projects to seeing them come to life, Lisa’s attention to detail and personalized service set her apart.

In a world where craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are paramount, Lisa stands out as a shining example of a business owner who values community, quality workmanship, and client relationships. Her legacy in the industry and her impact on the local community continue to inspire those around her.

For Lisa, building more than just homes—it’s about building lasting connections and a strong foundation for the future.