by Alisa Key
Broker/Owner, Key Real Estate

Happy Selling! Most people are unsure of where to begin in the home selling process. When do I call a Realtor? Do I watch more episodes of my favorite HGTV show? How can I get the personal contact information of Marie Kondo? All valid questions, but perhaps I can help you manage your anxiety a bit with these simple tips.

1. Through the Eyes of the Buyer

Step outside of your comfort zone, a.k.a. your living room, and try to visualize what a buyer wants to see when looking at a home to potentially purchase. When you first walk into your home, does it smell good and appear clean? The top two items that buyers comment on are cleanliness and pet odor. An item that a buyer always sees and that you may not think about is a switch plate. While you may regularly dust and vacuum, be sure and check fan blades, switch plates and baseboards. If any of those forgotten items are dirty, the buyers may feel like the whole house is dirty. Remove your pets for showings if possible and ask your favorite Realtor how they recommend removing certain odors.

2. Less is More

Declutter. Yes, everyone says to declutter but what does that really mean? Remove any nonessentials from counter tops. Even that coffee pot that you use every day doesn’t need to be on the counter top. Cabinets are your friends. Be sure to keep cabinets and closets neat (organized if possible) because buyers will look in them. Not to invade your privacy but they need to know if their things will fit in any space. One place they don’t typically look is under beds. Especially if you have small children, under the bed bins can be helpful when you’re rushing out of the house so it can be shown.

3. Personalization

Remember that your personal items are taste specific—your taste, not theirs. It is best to remove any personal items, such as family photos. If you need some photos for staging purposes, make sure it is just a few items. Remember, less is more. Painting walls a neutral color also helps. When you are looking through the eyes of the buyer, you realize that they want to see a blank palette. They want to see a home that they can visualize their things in, not yours.

4. Storage of the Clutter

Where do I put all the items that my favorite Realtor is making me hide? The garage. You’re moving so go ahead and start packing nonessential items. Stack them neatly in the garage. Buyers understand that you are moving and although they will look in your garage, they don’t really need to visualize their cars in there. However, don’t block any selling points like a work bench or extra space.

5) Most Importantly, Call your favorite Realtor immediately

A Realtor that is involved in real estate on a daily basis will know what is out there and what is selling. Yes, what is selling may vary from area to area. Your favorite Realtor can help you get the most “bang for your buck” and make the most out of your investment into the sale of your home. Or whether you need to make that investment at all. They will know how to help you get “show ready” and what to do for next 100 steps of a transaction.

If you don’t have a favorite Realtor, call Key Real Estate. With over 20 years in the real estate industry, whether you are buying or selling, let us help you unlock your dreams!

Alisa Key is the owner and a broker at Key Real Estate in Burleson, Texas. She can be reached at (682) 444-0940. Visit the website at