by Jordan DeWald


I recently had a conversation with a new neighbor, whose family is moved from a different part of the Metroplex. We were discussing what is great about the area, and he made the comment that all he keeps hearing and seeing are good things that made them happy to move here.

Our area (Burleson, Crowley and Joshua) has a great reputation that continues to bring people here and once they’re here, they don’t want to leave. Families are particularly drawn to the community with each town boasting excellent schools, parks and community events. A benefit of living in this area is regardless which town you reside in, you are guaranteed to have two neighboring towns that share similar values, offer great opportunities for any age group and are all continuously working to make sure their town is a great place to live, do business, and enjoy life.

Educational opportunities are excellent in the area, from our youngest residents to those who want to continue learning well into their adulthood. There are several excellent locations for early education. The area public schools continue to boast high ratings every year. More importantly, they encourage well-rounded learning from Kindergarten through 12th grade with innovative programs, arts, athletics and phenomenal teachers and staff. There are also excellent private school education offerings. Higher learning is easily accessible while living in the Burleson/Crowley/Joshua area. Hill College has a campus in the heart of Burleson and the city has offered thousands of students the opportunity to attend Hill College free of charge through the Burleson Opportunity Fund. Through the local libraries, the senior centers and community programs adults have learning opportunities through the year in almost every subject imaginable.

Healthy and active lifestyles are encouraged and resources are made available by the cities. Crowley has a popular disc golf course that provides hiking areas with a fun activity. Their Recreation Center hosts an annual Health and Wellness Fair plus a well-rounded variety of activities and events. All three cities have excellent parks. Burleson has an initiative called Be Healthy Burleson that includes increasing bike and walking trails, an annual 5K and a new program for parents of newborns to name a few. Burleson and Crowley have excellent Recreation Centers and along with Joshua have several fitness centers. There are numerous youth associations in all of the cities, plus city leagues for adults.

The support of small, locally owned businesses is a priority in this area. The hometown atmosphere lends itself well in this arena because neighbors want to support each other. There is a strong loyalty to businesses that are local and those businesses give back to the community. Local restaurants are often preferred over the chains. Downtown Crowley, Old Town Burleson and the Main Street area of Joshua are all examples of how local businesses and restaurants have given their towns a unique character. Burleson, Crowley and Joshua all have ongoing economic development projects, assuring that the city continues to benefit fiscally from the growth that comes as people are attracted to the communities. They are close enough to major cities for citizens to commute to work, but the ultimate goal is for the residents to get to work where they live.

What really makes this area special? The above are reasons people want to move here. Why do they stay? It is because of the people that make up this community. Sure you want to live in an area with great schools, economic benefits and good community services. That isn’t enough to make people make a town their home though. There is something very special about this community. Each town has managed to hold on to their small town feel even with all of the growth and changes. People still gather for Friday night football games, often cheering on their alma mater. The communities gather for festivals, outdoor concert series, parades and celebrations. You can walk into restaurants or grocery stores and see someone you know. Relationships are what ultimately define a community, whether it is personal or business. There really is no place better to be than right here.