by Jordan DeWald

“Home for the Holidays.” It is a commonly heard phrase at Christmastime, used in ads and songs. In 2020 this phrase can take on new meaning as people have been at home more this year than any other, and holiday plans may include even more time spent at home. What if we decide it means one more thing this year?

Let “Home for the Holidays” mean staying local, in your hometown, as you spend your money this holiday season. This year more than ever, your locally owned businesses need you. It is no secret that 2020 has been hard for small businesses. They had to close their doors for periods of time, had restrictions on the number of people allowed inside, and customers went online in greater numbers than ever before. While small businesses struggled, Amazon, Walmart, and Target had some of their best sales quarters. Let’s “stay home” this holiday season and give our money to our locally owned businesses. Local Life will help you find the ways you can do that.

Shopping at home doesn’t have to mean online shopping from your couch. Instead, lets shop at home by shopping in your hometown owned stores. Alex Philips, the Economic Development Manager for the City of Burleson, issued a challenge: “As you are putting your Amazon Christmas List together, do not hit the checkout button, but instead look to your local businesses for those gifts.” The shops have adjusted their business practices throughout 2020, to make sure customers feel comfortable shopping in the middle of a health crisis. If you are uncertain about going inside a business to shop and a store doesn’t have online shopping, contact the shop and see how they will work with you. Some offer personal shopping, even walking around the store on FaceTime. That level of service is what makes a locally owned, small shop different than a big box store.

If you are staying in your home for the holidays instead of making visits out of town, local businesses can help you make it festive and special. Many local shops offer beautiful decorations, even personalizing something specifically for you. Local gardening businesses offer fresh, seasonal decor and will take the time to advise you on how to best care for it. Hire a local business for home repairs, cleaning, landscaping, and other household services.

Eat at home for the holidays by purchasing meals from the local businesses. Several restaurants have already started sharing their Thanksgiving menus, taking the stress of cooking away by allowing you to purchase a full meal for your family gathering. When the stress of the season gets to be too much, take one stressor off your plate and stop by to eat or pick up dinner from a local restaurant, or have it delivered. If you are having a small gathering or party, reserve one of the many party rooms available and let the restaurant take care of cooking, cleaning, and serving.

It just takes a small amount of effort, and the cost may be a little higher but the benefit of supporting a local business, instead of simply ordering from an online big box store, is so much greater. You get personalized service and get unique and quality gifts. You are also helping a small business owner pay their employees, who are your community members. You help a business finish strong in a year that is has been a challenge. You say thank you to the businesses who take care of the needs of the community. You are helping the community to stay unique and original, with businesses that are only found in your town.

The holiday season will look different this year, just as most of 2020 has. The opportunity to give thanks and to celebrate with hope is not gone though. Stay “home for the holidays” this year, and finish out 2020 by supporting the local businesses that are necessary to the heart of our community.


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